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We help agencies increase the satisfaction and growth of existing clients and win new business by improving the performance, efficiency and scalability of their demand generation practice.

Your demand generation practice can do much more with much less.

Bring the efficiencies of the programmatic approach to your lead generation buying process. With Audyence, agency teams plan, purchase, and activate campaigns in minutes, not days or weeks, freeing your teams to focus on the work that matters while improving your margins.

Access premium cost-per-lead inventory at scale.
Buy inventory from fully-vetted lead generation providers and publishers in the industry's only fully transparent marketplace. Compare their scalability, price and performance with ease.
Eliminate lengthy RFP and legal processes
Say goodbye to spreadsheets and insertion orders. With best-in-class workflow automation, build campaigns, receive bids, and allocate budgets with ease. Plus, put one contract in place to govern all campaigns across all publishers.
Manage and optimize campaigns across all publishers
Eliminate disparate lead pass through and measurement reporting. Receive lead data from all publishers and measure their performance in one dashboard, and make optimizations across all publishers with a few clicks.

Put simply, Audyence saves you and your clients time and money.

Through the Audyence RTD Platform your agency will gain access to the largest marketplace of cost-per-lead publishers without the markup you pay when working through traditional brokers. Plus, data-driven workflow automation tools accelerate your speed-to-market and cut your labor costs.

Improve client retention and win new business

Bring your customers and prospects an innovative solution that drives value they've never experienced before, helping them improve their performance and profitability.

Get client campaigns into market faster than ever before.
Lengthy planning and purchasing cycles cost your client valuable in-market time. Get your campaigns into market in as little as a single day and impact your clients' pipelines sooner.
Pass through CPL savings and increase lead volumes.
Intermediaries, like brokers and aggregators, markup lead costs by up to 7x. Access the largest network of premium publishers offering cost-per-lead inventory at a much fairer price.
Improve lead-to-sale conversion performance.
Generate leads that are more likely to convert. Leverage over 17.5 billion data points to reach and engage your clients' most relevant audiences and use our intuitive user interface to make smarter decisions, faster.

“The results we’ve seen from working with Audyence in terms of campaign development, lead delivery and CPLs have been unprecedented. Audyence has proven to be a valued partner that is having material positive impact on our lead gen efforts.”

Rehan Sajid, Director of Demand Generation

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Audyence is building software that dramatically improves the ROI of B2B demand generation.