Optimize your demand gen operation

Our platform gives you access to everything you need to plan, purchase and manage high-performing B2B lead generation campaigns.

Workflow automation built for B2B demand generation marketers.

Bring the efficiencies of the programmatic approach to your lead generation buying process. With Audyence, in-house marketing teams plan, purchase, and activate campaigns in minutes, not days or weeks..

Access premium cost-per-lead inventory at scale.
Buy inventory from fully-vetted lead generation providers and publishers in the industry's only fully transparent marketplace. Compare their scalability, price and performance with ease.
Eliminate lengthy RFP and legal processes
Say goodbye to spreadsheets and insertion orders. With best-in-class workflow automation, build campaigns, receive bids, and allocate budgets with ease. Plus, put one contract in place to govern all campaigns across all publishers.
Manage and optimize campaigns across all publishers
Eliminate disparate lead pass through and measurement reporting. Receive lead data from all publishers, measure their performance in one dashboard, and make optimizations across all publishers with a few clicks.

Put simply, Audyence saves you time and money.

Through the Audyence RTD Platform you will gain access to the largest marketplace of cost-per-lead publishers without the markup you pay when working through traditional brokers. Plus, data-driven workflow automation tools accelerate your speed-to-market, improve your mid-campaign agility, and cut your labor costs.

Amplify your demand gen performance

To improve conversion rates, Audyence builds data-driven tools that lead to better conversion outcomes. Lower media costs + less time spent + better conversion rates = lower cost-per-acquisition.
Target with precision.
Audyence Data Cloud leverages over 17.5 billion firmographic, technographic, demographic, and intent data points to identify best-fit accounts so that you can reach and engage your most relevant audiences that are most likely to convert.
Only receive lead data that has been verified and de-duped.
The Audyence SSP, used by our publisher community, analyzes every lead generated in real-time and auto-rejects duplicates and those that do not fit your targeting parameters or have inaccurate contact data.
Data enrichment to inform lead scoring and prioritization.  
Append your lead data with other useful bits of information like the personal or company LinkedIn profile, company size, industry, and more to inform lead scoring and prioritization.

“Working in the Audyence platform is extremely easy. Building and activating a campaign took me just minutes, and with their highly efficient CPLs and supplier transparency, the Audyence team really delivers on their promises.”

Brea Rosario, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager

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Audyence is building software that dramatically improves the ROI of B2B demand generation.