Demand Innovation.

It's not just a motto. It's our purpose.


Founded on principles.

The idea for Audyence was sparked by Co-founder & CEO, Karl Van Buren, who had spent a decade in various executive Sales, Marketing, and Business Development roles for leading companies within the B2B demand generation and media industry like Madison Logic and Spiceworks Ziff Davis.

Obvious to him (and all of us), virtually every area of B2B advertising was being digitized and automated to bring efficiencies in cost and time, new data intelligence, and ultimately better outcomes to B2B marketing organizations. Witnessing the rise of programmatic media, which now accounts for more than 80% of all media purchases, and later programmatic CTV, it became clear that B2B marketers and agencies prefer a digital path to market. Yet, the B2B lead generation industry remained entombed in a largely analog, slow, unsophisticated workflow mired in inefficiencies and prone to human-error. Not only was it too labor intensive, too slow, and too expensive; an industry-framework that disincentivized transparency to its customers had to be changed.

While Karl had spent his career on the supply-side of the industry, Roland Deal (Co-Founder and President) had spent 25+ years at global agencies such as Ogilvy, Grey, Saatchi & Saatchi and most recently at dentsu (Merkle) working with large Enterprise clients, many of whom were becoming increasingly frustrated with the limitations of the status quo. The birth of Audyence was the coming together of these two unique, but aligned perspectives coming from both sides of the B2B demand generation ecosystem.

To drive B2B Demand Innovation, Audyence was founded on these core principles:

Be Transparent & Honest: You should always know who you're ultimately buying from, especially when data is involved. Plus, it's just the right thing to do - give customers transparency. Integrity trumps profits.
Enable Agile Action: Speed matters in business, especially in marketing. B2B Marketers deserve tools that enable them to get lead generation campaigns into market more quickly and iterate with agility.
Put Data To Work: Unlike paid media, paid search or paid social, the B2B lead gen industry is not putting your performance data to work for you. It's time marketers have data-powered intelligence that make optimizations obvious and simple to implement.
Obsess Over Customer Outcomes: Our business is to improve the profitability of your business. Before we make any strategic decision, the question is always, "Does this improve the profitability of our customers?" If not, it's not worth doing.


We're pioneering the industry's first Real-Time Demand platform, enabling agile programmatic buying and selling on a cost-per-lead basis.


We've partnered with the industry's most sophisticated data partners to build data models that improve targeting, optimizations and, ultimately, conversion rates.


We're bringing together the leading voices in B2B data, demand generation, and ad tech to steer Demand Innovation in a direction that improves your bottom line.

Meet the Founders

With over 40 years of combined experience in working with the world's largest B2B clients, delivering globally scaled integrated performance campaigns, we've dealt first-hand with the multitude of related challenges — and we know what it takes to fix them.

Karl Van Buren

Leadership Experience: Sales, Marketing, Client Success, Partnerships
Prior Companies: Madison Logic, Volusion, Spiceworks Ziff Davis
Professional Obsessions: Customer needs, product vision, inspiring culture, profitability
Personal Passions: Hiking, world travel, mixology, history, golf, blues music
Has Lived In: Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Alberta (Canada)
Favorite Places: Machu Piccu, Peru; Uco Valley, Argentina; Elba Island, Italy
Languages: Some English, Less Spanish
Alma Mater(s): Texas A&M University

co-founder & PRESIDENT

Roland Deal

Leadership Experience: Agency Operations, Client Engagement, Marketing
Prior Companies: Merkle B2B, DWA, Ogilvy, Gyro, Grey, Saatchi
Professional Obsessions: Customer needs, the pipeline, employee happiness
Personal Passions: Deep tracks, world travel, gin martinis
Has Lived In: California, Texas, New Jersey, Spain, Okinawa, Peru
Favorite Places: Lamu Island, Kenya; Barcelona, Spain; San Francisco, USA
Languages: Slightly better English, Far better Spanish
Alma Mater(s): Penn State University, Columbia Business School, Cal Berkeley


Supported by industry veterans and changemakers.

Mike Baker
Investor, advisor and 3X Founder & CEO - DataXu, Nexage, & Enpocket
Jay Hallberg
Venture partner, advisor and previous Co-founder & CEO of Spiceworks
Michael McLaren
Agency CEO Merkle B2B, MRM, Ogilvy and current President, Bounteous
Kathi Kaplan
CMO, Marketing exec - UiPath, Qlik, Box, VMWare, Business Objects
Charlie Cardona
Ex-Microsoft and Google Senior Agency Lead, LinkedIn
Adam Mincham
20+ years strategy & marketing exec – Blend360, Merkle, CA