Capitalize on more monetization opportunities.

Audyence generates demand for your inventory from the world's largest advertisers, independent agencies and holding companies.


We build enduring partnerships with agencies and brands.

The relationships we build with agencies and brands, from mid-market to large enterprise, drive new selling opportunities for you without the high cost of direct sales efforts and at no up-front platform cost to you.

Capitalize on opportunities to sell directly to advertisers.
Brokers benefit from depressing your margins. Instead, we partner with you to ensure you receive equitable margins that allow you to generate high-quality leads effectively and efficiently.
Without the price tag of direct sales efforts.
Audyence gives you an opportunity to win business from the world's leading advertisers without the high price tag of sales salaries and commissions. Augment your direct sales efforts with a highly efficient channel.
No up-front costs or platform fees.

We believe in a free-market ecosystem. You'll never pay-to-play on the Audyence Supply-Side-Platform, because we believe its important to provide our buyers with the most premium inventory available.

We provide mission critical tools for sellers.

Bring your customers and prospects an innovative solution that drives value they've never experienced before, helping them improve their performance and profitability.

Identity resolution.
Quit wasting time trying to figure out which accounts you have in your database that match a list of targeting parameters. The Audyence platform leverages 17.5 billion data points to identify best-fit accounts so you don't have to.
Bidding tools.
Audyence's intuitive supply-side interface displays all the campaign criteria you need - TALs, form collection fields, pacing requirements, and more - to inform and implement your pricing strategy.
Lead validation and verification.
You can't afford to have low data-quality. Audyence provides sellers with lead upload, de-duplication, validation and verification tools to ensure the leads they provide to buyers come with complete and highly-accurate data. Oh, and it's free.

Audyence works only with premium publishers and suppliers.

Every publisher we onboard undergoes an extensive vetting process so that we can ensure our buyers get access to quality supply-side partners. If you meet these standards, we encourage you to apply!

No intermediaries.
All of our publishers fulfill campaigns in-house with their own inventory. Intermediaries who re-sell leads generated from sub-contracted publishers or suppliers will not qualify as a supply-side partner but will find great value in using our platform as an Agency buyer.
Real engagements.
Through Audyence, our buyers purchase campaigns that drive content engagement from targeted prospects. They're not interested in lead lists. We validate that every publisher we onboard drives real, trackable content engagements.
Data privacy compliance.
We require that all of our supply-side partners obtain certifications of compliance with the latest privacy laws and regulations, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).