Ep. 1 | Automate for Performance
Jay Hallberg & Nick Bhavsar

Venture Advisors, Shasta Ventures

In Episode 1 of the Demand Innovation Series, we interview Jay Hallberg and Nick Bhavsar. Jay co-founded Spiceworks, a pioneer in B2B marketplaces, which connects technology advertisers to technology professionals. Spiceworks grew to over $70M in revenue and was acquired by Ziff Davis, a division of J2 Global, in 2019. Jay recently served as GM of Shasta Ventures and continues to work with entrepreneurs to start, scale and exit successful businesses. Nick Bhavsar is also a Spiceworks alum, where he served as Director of Demand, Enablement and Operations, and Shasta Ventures, where he served as a Venture Advisor. Throughout his career in marketing, Nick has also served as SVP of Marketing for Bound, an audience profiling, segmentation and web personalization solution provider, and Levelset, a payment solutions software provider. Nick now runs his own consulting firm, Bhavsar Growth Consulting.